Province of Vorarlberg donates warmth for 218 families in Lebanon

Back in 2021, we visited refugee camps in the mountains of Lebanon on the Bekaa Plain. We were shocked when we learned that people (especially children) freeze to death there every year because there is simply not enough heating oil to heat the small stoves in the tents.
Some of the camps are situated at an altitude of over 2,000 m, the area is barren and there is no other fuel. Due to our close and long-standing cooperation with the association Tatendrang. Initiative for Humanity from Lustenau/Vorarlberg came up with the idea of working together to help people suffering from the cold in the mountains of Lebanon. Tatendrang organized three Christmas events for the benefit of the caravan and the state of Vorarlberg supported our project by doubling the donations! In this way, ISWA, our local partner organization, was able to purchase heating oil with a total value of 4880.92 euros and distribute it directly to the people in the camps.

The distribution focused primarily on large families with no income. A so-called “council of elders” made up of men and women from the camps provided advice and support in the selection of the distribution order. In this way, a total of 218 families received heating oil and were able to survive the winter.

Many thanks to Tatendrang for this wonderful initiative and thanks to the state of Vorarlberg for their trust and generous project funding!

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