Our cooperation partners

We work with the following NGOs and support their valuable work.

Nikos & Katerina, together with their wonderful team, have distributed over 1.5 million meals to people in need every single day for the past 7 years. They also run a housing project on Lesbos to get as many families as possible out of the terrible conditions in the camp.

Zlatan Kovačević and his team of paramedics and friends help every free minute with a huge heart. His motto is: I don’t help “refugees”, I just help people. For us, Zlatan is a true hero, who meets people at eye level and, with his cheerful charisma, takes away a little of their fear.

The CASA Sankara initiative is a real showcase project that takes action against the exploitative harvesting work in southern Italy. The tomato is the “red gold” there: the mafia exploits mainly refugees in the fields under slave-like conditions. The initiative has already enabled over 500 people to escape from the ghetto of the harvest workers and instead were given a solid roof over their heads and work under decent conditions.

For years, Mohammed Ismail has been fully committed to caring for Syrian orphans who lost their parents in the terrible war of recent years. To this end, the “Hiba Charity Education Center” was founded in Idlib / Syria in 2019, where more than 200 orphans receive high-quality education. He also supports countless orphans in refugee camps in southern Turkey and is the founder of the Hope Journey Project. In this project, in cooperation with solidarity doctors, he organizes operations for children with severe war injuries.

The NGO ISWA was founded in 1985 to provide lasting help to the thousands of people in need in Lebanon. The helpers take care of victims of violence from conflicts and poverty, especially orphans and widows, as well as refugees from Palestine and Syria. With ISWA we have found an extremely reliable and competent local partner and look forward to many years of cooperation in order to support the many impoverished and needy people together.

Collective Aid was founded in early 2017 and operates in Serbia, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cooperation of the caravan with the non-profit association began in 2022 in Calais/France when on-site assistance was provided. The NGO is particularly concerned about respectful treatment of people on the run. We help by providing basic necessities (clothing, food, drinking water, heating material). Collective Aid listens to people who have fled, documents violent pushbacks at the border, and advocates for basic human rights.

Companies and associations that provide us with special support:

Heini Staudinger and his wonderful team of GEA sent the following quantities of GEA Waldviertler shoes to our projects so far: 700 pairs for refugees on Lesbos (Kara Tepe), 600 pairs for orphans in Syria, 1,200 pairs for war orphans in Lebanon, 900 pairs for refugees in Bihac/Bosnia and 1,000 pairs for refugees in Calais/France.

Thanks to Treebee Baumpflege for numerous transports of the donated goods throughout Austria, for the fantastic donation of € 8.500,- and for taking over 12 year sponsorships for our Caravan School in Beirut/Lebanon in the total amount of € 2.880,-.

The Together association is always an important support for us when it comes to collecting, sorting and storing the relief supplies. In addition, the association has already covered the costs of seven truck transports with relief goods!

The brothers Erwin & Michael Mach, both managing directors of the company Gummitechnik Mach have supported us with a generous donation in the amount of € 11.000,-.

The Club 41 Deutschlandsberg has supported us extraordinarily with a donation of € 5.000,-. A big thank you also to Rudi Pongratz, who has supported us since the very beginning with his collection point in Western Styria in collecting the urgently needed relief supplies.

Thank you to the Kiwanis International District Austria for the useful donation of medicine for Kara Tepe and the numerous, generous monetary donations.

“If one dreams alone, it is only a dream.
When many dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality. ”


At this point we would also like to express a huge thank you to the many companies, associations and individuals who actively help us with our aid projects. Together we can achieve a lot.

  • Haarberghof for sorting the numerous donations in kind and packing the banana boxes in an infinite number of hours.

  • Angelika Tarmann for hundreds of hours of coordinating and sorting 36,000 kg of relief supplies.

  • Spedition MIGOLOG and Globo for the transport of the relief supplies from Villach to Lesbos, Bihac and Calais.

  • Elias from “Cambium – Life in Community” for the provision of his van, as well as for the donation of € 500,- and the personal help on site at our 1st aid project in Kara Tepe.

  • Daniel and his team from “Cambium – Living in Community” for numerous hours of help in storing the relief supplies and loading the truck.

  • Community Kremsmünster for the great donation of € 5.000,-.

  • Sandra Rothmüller-Fink from Wagner Immobilien Management GmbH for providing the collection point in the WIM-Center in Güssing

  • Katrin Kaiser and her team for the enormously touching song ” Voices for Humanity

  • Wolf Nudeln GmbH for two times 300 kg of noodles for the people in Kara Tepe

  • Maria Abel for mobilizing her entire village and collecting two fire trucks full of in-kind donations.

  • Verena Fellinger from Emailwerk Seekirchen for the wonderful donation of € 1,500.-

  • Gabi Schiller from ORF for the repeated reporting about our aid projects

  • OM*YEAH Label for Healing Arts for the great support of our aid projects

  • Weltweitwandern GmbH for the provision of the cover picture of the Caravan of Humanity

  • Aquarius-Naturprodukte GmbH for the generous donation of EUR 2.000,-.

  • Diana Pharmacy Güssing for the donation of EUR 1.000,-.

  • Raiffeisen Team “Von MENSCH ZU MENSCH” for the donation of EUR 1.000,-.

  • Lawrence Ritchie, Magdalena Plöchl and Ijanna Sol for their participation and support in our aid projects.

  • The vocational school center Wangen for the great donation of 4.250,- for our school projects in Lebanon.

We make every effort to list all major donors and helpers here . However, if we have forgotten someone, we ask for your indulgence and information to us – we are constantly adding to the list here.