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We help people who are in need while fleeing. We support selected NGOs in their important work on site through monetary and material donations.
We also do it ourselves – people for people, that’s what counts!

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The genesis

In September 2020, travel photographer Pascal Violo made a mark of humanity: at the time, he didn’t know that his commitment was contagious. Because his impulse to help the people in the refugee camp Kara Tepe on Lesbos (Greece) also motivated many others to do their part and so a caravan was created in the middle of Austria. Namely that of humanity.

Our pillars of action

The three pillars of the KARAWANE’s impact are monetary donations, relief goods and joie de vivre. Because on site, professional clowns, acrobats and artists distribute the donations and put a smile on the faces of people in need with their extraordinary performances. For our support team, it is the best thing to be able to experience people so happy and detached from their difficult everyday life.

Our vision
Donations in kind
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Our projects

The CARAVAN OF HUMANITY travels to various projects in and around Europe to help refugees in need with donations of money, relief supplies and a zest for life.


Help for Kara Tepe/Greece

Inhumane conditions prevail in the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the island of Lesbos. The caravan helps with monetary and material donations and gives hope.


Help for Casa Sankara/Italy

In the south of Italy, the caravan supports the showcase project "Casa Sankara", which fights against the exploitation of migrants in Italian agriculture.


Help for Bihac/Bosnia

Thousands of people get stuck trying to escape in the Bosnian-Croatian border town of Bihac. In February, the caravan travels to the area again to help people in need.

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