Education creates the future

In the huge Washokani camp, which has become a new home for more than 16,000 internally displaced persons, there are of course thousands of children. By no means all of them have the opportunity to attend school.

In the Washokani refugee camp, at least 2,500 children are registered pupils who regularly attend school. However, “school” is better imagined as a “classroom with teachers”. Teaching materials, exercise books and pens are scarce.

Thanks to the many donations in kind, we were able to distribute over 180 boxes of high-quality school equipment in the two large refugee camps Washokani and Serekaniye. And the large, donated blackboards are also urgently needed here.

These people are in great material need and have few prospects for the future. But at least these schoolchildren have the opportunity to learn to read and write and they can hope for a future.

Thank you to all supporters who give hope through their donations and thus set an example of humanity!

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