Laughing together is boundless

On all our aid missions, it is very important to us to meet people at eye level and to give them hope and joie de vivre through our presence.

Our clowns Anita “Fatoush” and Franziska “Leimuna” are simply the best at conveying these emotions during their shows, because clearly children all over the world understand the same fun! As soon as clown Anita trips over her own shoe for the first time, Anita trumpets in her clown colleague Franziska’s ear with her tuba for the first time and the children throw themselves away laughing!
With our “Caravan of Clowns”, we visited facilities for street children and orphans, camps for people who were driven out of their towns and villages by the war and have now found a new home in tents.
And after every clown show, it became clear once again that shared laughter unites people across all borders.

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