Photovoltaic system for a hospital

With donations amounting to EUR 16,000, we were able to finance a large photovoltaic system with buffer storage for a hospital in the largest city in the Syrian region of Rojava. This was also installed on the roof of the clinic a few days ago.

We were also allowed to visit the hospital: Several thousand people a month can be examined and treated here by some of the best doctors in the region. The doctors work on a voluntary basis, which means that treatment is also affordable for people with very low incomes.

However, the hospital was often forced to close in the afternoon because there was no power supply, making examinations and treatment impossible.

The background is as follows: the entire power supply to the city was destroyed a few months ago. Noisy diesel generators have so far provided people with the most necessary electricity in a decentralized manner, but fuel shortages are becoming more and more frequent due to the destroyed infrastructure. With the help of the new PV system, this phase can be bridged in future!

An important drop of hope that we are all letting collapse here! THANK YOU to all supporters!

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