Our heart opener: Clown Anita

Our time in Lebanon was short, but we had the opportunity to visit the two schools in the huge refugee ghettos in Beirut. And as always, one thing is very important in all our local aid missions: meeting at eye level!

We not only want to give, but above all we want to warm hearts, live solidarity and laugh together. And our clown Anita is definitely the best person for laughter – she brings a sparkle to children’s eyes and makes joyful contact with people on the street who otherwise don’t have much to laugh about. Anita enchants young and old alike with her acting talent, her music and her unique facial expressions.

We are grateful that we were once again able to experience such enriching encounters in Beirut! Now it’s time to say goodbye to Lebanon as we travel on to Syria to begin our aid mission there, specifically for refugee children.

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