Arrival in Calais

After a journey of several days, the truck, fully loaded with the donations in kind, arrived in Calais/France at the weekend! Our local partner NGO
Collective Aid Calais
is very happy about the many relief supplies that are urgently needed here at the moment.
Here, too, it is getting colder and colder and the many sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothes are an important support for the needy people. More than 2,000 refugees, most of whom come from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, live here in sometimes very bad conditions and unfortunately often experience police violence. They have no roof over their heads and mostly live in cold tents. Therefore, the many mats we received from the company Matten Eder from Upper Austria are particularly valuable. Just like the 1,000 pairs of
GEA Waldviertel
shoes that Heini Staudinger made available to us. Thanks to these Austrian companies for the great help!
The cooperation with our partner NGO “Collective Aid” is absolutely great: Many young people distribute food, water and clothing here with incredible commitment. They also offer psychological and legal assistance. All this is actually self-evident for people on the run, who are in an absolute emergency situation, but since politics completely fails here, these tasks unfortunately have to be taken over by volunteers.

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