Video message from Pascal Violo from Calais

Pascal Violo, together with six other volunteers, was on the ground in the French port city of Calais in November/December 2022 to help stranded refugees.
About 2,000 refugees are currently living in Calais in the worst conditions. The city is located directly on the English Channel and is therefore an important point for further escape to Great Britain. Because this country is not part of the so-called “Dublin Agreement”, which prohibits a 2nd asylum application in another EU country. Winter brings lower temperatures every day and the relief team has therefore distributed sleeping bags, blankets, warm socks, hats, jackets, etc..
Pascal and his team were shocked by the terrible conditions under which the refugees have to survive. And also about the rough approach of the police, the constant evictions of the fled people – sadly often with violence, insults and humiliations. Where is the humanity? Where is the idea of the human family?

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