France we are coming: The donations in kind are on their way!

Our proud summary: 13.400 kg donations in kind, 15.685,- Euro cash donations for refugees in need in Calais
Yesterday afternoon the 9th truck (since caravan existence) went on its journey. Starting from Güssing/Burgenland and St. Peter/Carinthia, the semitrailer truck will now travel the next few days to the north of France to bring warm clothing, blankets and sleeping bags to the refugees there. We hope to bring at least a little warmth to those people who have nothing left, so that they can survive the next cold months.
A big thank you to the many helpers and donors who make our caravan so human! Only thanks to you we can help – you are just great! Special thanks also to the WIM Center Güssing and Mrs. Sandra Rothmüller-Fink for the premises of the sorting office, which we could use for several weeks for free!

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