Christmas miracle “Sponsorship

We are very proud that – thanks to your help – we can support and operate two caravan schools in Beirut/Lebanon. Both schools are located in the middle of huge refugee ghettos in Beirut/Lebanon. In such a “ghetto” live about 30,000 refugees at a time, who after decades are still considered refugees and have very few rights in the country, they are so to speak “second-class people”. Educational opportunities are also almost non-existent for the thousands of children in such ghettos …

Yet education is so enormously important for these children in particular: because it enables them to act in a self-determined manner and ultimately also to learn a profession in order to lead an independent life. Education is the “key to independence,” so to speak.

The video below gives insight into our caravan school OXYGEN, which is located in the middle of the refugee ghetto Shatila in Beirut/Lebanon.

Final spurt: Only 12 godmothers/ godfathers wanted!

We are very happy that we have already reached several thousand people with our live report about the Caravan of Humanity and are overjoyed that we have already been able to find 38 sponsors for our Caravan schools in Lebanon in this way!

Our great wish was 50 sponsorships so that we can finance the annual rents for both schools and thus maintain the educational projects in the long term. Now we are missing 12 sponsorships so that our Christmas miracle can come true. Who will help us reach our goal?

Become a sponsor and give more than 450 students their right to education! Together they set a sign of humanity.

How can I become a godparent?

If you would like to become a sponsor, you can either download our sponsorship form, print it out, fill it out and return it to us. OR

You simply set up a monthly permanent donation through our online donation form.

PS: A sponsorship is also a wonderful, meaningful Christmas gift, because you give double joy!

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