The situation of refugees in Calais

At the end of November, we roll up our sleeves again to help refugees in need in the Frenchn port city of Calais and the surrounding area to help. In this region on the French side of the English Channel, about 1,500 refugees are currently living on the streets, mostly without access to running water and electricity. Some of them have the “luck” to be able to live in tents or under tarpaulins. They all dream of making it to the UK, through the Eurotunnel or across the Channel.
In 2016, the so-called “Jungle” was cleared, a refugee camp with about 8,000 people near the ferry port of Calais. Since then, the French government has been trying to prevent another large settlement from being built: The many small camps are cleared by the police every 48 hours, tents, sleeping bags and other items are confiscated, and in some cases destroyed. There are regular arrests and clashes between refugees and the police. It seems as if the intention is to create undignified living conditions for people who are already on the edge of their existence…
We from the Caravan want to help on the ground and donate shelter and clothing to the people who have fled – before the cold sets in in the north of France. At the same time, we want to give these people warmth of heart and thus return a little of their dignity.
If you want to help out, you can find more info here:

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