Appeal for donations: Help for people in need in Calais/France

In November, an aid team from the Caravan of Humanity travels to Calais in northern France to help people in need.
Thousands of refugees persevere there in tents and temporary shelters in all weathers. They hope for a safe life in the UK because they no longer see a future in their countries of origin, but entry is not legally possible. Winter is approaching and people have no safe roof over their heads, too little clothing and food. The CARAVANS OF HUMANITY will support the people in Calais both financially and with relief supplies!

But for this we need your support again and urgently ask for donations for the needy people.

The collection of donations in kind has already ended. If you would still like to support us, we would be happy to receive your monetary donation – every single euro helps. Donations are possible online via our donation form or simply via bank transfer to our donation account.

The donations in kind and money are distributed by our aid team in cooperation with the partner organization “Collective Aid” on site or used for urgent purchases (food, medicine).


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