Support for very special children

The visits to two centers for children and young people with special needs gave us real goose bumps.
At the beginning we were a little unsure how the handicapped children would accept the clowns and the painting workshops. But our insecurity was completely gone after a few minutes: It was overwhelming how happy we made the children with our visit – and they made us with their warm nature. Everyone was there from the beginning with great enthusiasm and at the end we danced hand in hand together .
The supervisors were a great role model for us: they took care of more than 80 children and young people with joy and a lot of love despite the difficult situation: Because both centers were on the verge of their existence because the Lebanese themselves had not supported them since the economic crisis. They have already had to move to smaller premises and sell their wheelchair-accessible bus. Unfortunately, during the past freezing winter, the solar array was destroyed by snow storms. However, this is essential because the winter months are extremely cold and therefore heated.
Thanks to our local partner NGO ISWA, we learned about these facilities and were able to raise sufficient donations for the salaries of the supervisors (EUR 2,651.44) and the renewal of the solar system (2,548.56).

We were very touched by these projects and we will certainly continue to accompany them and – with your help – continue to support them !

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