A summary: That was Lebanon 2022

A few days ago we came back to Austria/Germany and have been processing our experiences ever since. Lebanon and its people have fascinated us: no matter what the circumstances are, the people there have to live (survive), their friendliness and gratitude were always in the foreground. The refugees were very moved by our appreciation and our interest in their lives.
Our whole team of volunteers flew home with a full, happy heart. Everyone felt very strongly what it means to be part of this one wonderful human family.
Our proud summary – thanks to your donations:
👉🏻Foundation of the school “Oxygen”
• Rent until October 2023 (EUR 3,300.00)
• Salaries for three teachers and one assistant teacher for one year (EUR 4,600.00)
• Jerseys for a boys’ and a girls’ football team (EUR 460.00)
• School equipment such as laptops, printers, chairs, fans (EUR 2,023.00)
• School materials such as notebooks, pens, books, etc. (EUR 480.00)
• Water dispensers and water supplies so that the students have access to drinking water (EUR 110.00)
👉🏻Foundation of the school “Together we can”
• Rent and electricity until April 2023 (EUR 3,400.00)
• School materials such as notebooks, pens, books, etc. (540,-)
👉🏻Support for two centers for people with disabilities
• Construction of a new solar system at the “Balm Center for Children with Disabilities” (EUR 2,548.00)
• Salaries for the 23 carers of the “Sebleen Center for Children with Disabilities” (EUR 2,651.00)
👉🏻Interactive encounter with the refugee children in refugee camps
• 13 clown shows for around 700 children
• 7 painting workshops for approx. 300 children
• About 100 lovingly designed letters from Germany and Austria for the students of both schools
All of the projects listed here will, of course, continue to be supported by us and have been monitored for many years. Please continue to support our work in the future, because only together can we continue to do so much good and give the children perspectives for their future lives.
THANK YOU to all donors and a special THANK YOU to our wonderful team on site!

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