Video message from Pascal Violo from Lebanon

Pascal Violo and nine other Caravan of Humanity volunteers have been in Lebanon for the past few weeks to provide help and support, especially to orphaned children.
Among other things, the donations were used to expand our “Oxygen” school in the Shatila refugee camp and to help found another school in the Burj al Barajneh camp by buying school supplies and paying rent and teachers’ salaries for a year. We will support both schools in the long term and win friends in Germany and Austria with school sponsorships.
But many thousands of refugees in the countryside, in the northern mountains of Lebanon, also depend on our help. The economic situation in Lebanon is dire and hyper-inflation is pushing large parts of the middle and lower classes to the existential abyss. The 2 million refugees in Lebanon feel this first hand. There is a major supply crisis throughout the country and in some cases real famine. In the refugee camps near the border with Syria, people live in unimaginable conditions. Every winter, children have to freeze to death in the freezing temperatures.
In cooperation with our Lebanese partner NGO, we organized and financed €18,000 in heating material for over 3,000 people in tent camps in the mountains from October 2021 to February 2022. Now we have learned that at least in these camps no people have died as a result of the cold. We want to expand this support further.
Pascal sends us his video message from a center for children with disabilities. This organization is also facing major economic problems, the snowstorms of last winter destroyed the solar system that was so necessary. Thanks to the donations from our supporters, the caravan was able to help here too and finance a new facility.
All these relief actions are only possible with donations! We would like to thank our many donors, who only make the Caravan of Humanity human through their help! Together we were able to set a sign of humanity again – THANK YOU!

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