Our “Oxygen” school in the middle of the refugee ghetto

One of our heart projects in Lebanon is the “Oxygen” school in the middle of the huge Shatila refugee ghetto in Beirut. About 30,000 refugees live there, who after decades are still considered refugees and have very few rights, they are, so to speak, “second-class people”. There are also hardly any educational opportunities for the thousands of children in Shatila…
During our first aid mission in 2021, we met the young, committed teacher named Batoul. She finally got support from two other teachers (Shaymaa and Hiba), who we were able to hire. Both are 22 years old and attended the International University of Beirut. Shaymaa speaks absolutely perfect English and is also good at teaching it to the children. Hiba teaches mathematics and history, Batoul himself teaches Arabic and takes the children on excursions and sports activities – if time and money allow it.
Thanks to your donations, we have already been able to achieve a lot here:
  • Financing the rent for another year (3 classrooms until the end of 2023) / €3,300)
  • Annual salaries of the three teachers (4,200 €)
  • Purchase of basic school materials: laptop, printer, notebooks, books, pens, etc. (approx. €1,500)
  • Sports shirts for a boys’ and a girls’ school football team (€250)
The three young teachers teach around 200 children between the ages of 6 and 14. The classes are made up of 50% Palestinian and 50% Syrian children. We are particularly proud that the young team of teachers created their own name (OXYGEN) with a logo – it is very important to us that the school acts autonomously and that we only support it from outside.
You make all of this possible through your compassion and your donations! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
We wish the children that through school they will now find their way to a better future.

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