Our interim summary: hope next to despair

During our first stage in Lebanon we experienced and worked a lot: organized and bought things, held painting workshops, gave clown shows. So many impressions rain down on us: joy next to sorrow, poor next to rich, hope next to despair.
A lot of essential things are really missing here: the state can only guarantee one hour of electricity per day. Anyone who can still afford it has a diesel generator, but petrol has also become 100% more expensive and is no longer affordable for many people. As always, the poorest are hit the hardest, especially the Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Shatila, who, for example, no longer get fresh water but only salt water, which they have to use for washing and cooking.
We experience first-hand that some prices change daily as the Lebanese pound is in free fall. Just six months ago, with the same amount of euro donations, we would have had significantly more dollars available for important purchases and investments. The war in Europe and the resulting sanctions have also caused the price of foodstuffs such as bread and cereals to rise massively.
Those who don’t get their salary in dollars now have to survive on €50 to €100 a month. More and more Lebanese are affected by this, and they can hardly support the approximately 2 million refugees in the country. For this reason, support from Europe is particularly important right now…
That’s why we ask you to continue to set an important sign of humanity! Thanks to your help we can help on site.

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