Mobile painting room for (orphan) children

For the first time, the artist and director of the art school in Pfullendorf, Till Schilling from Allgäu, is accompanying us on our relief mission. His two assistants, Sabine Gerstenmaier and Anja Kocher, also came with him. The new caravan members have prepared themselves well for the assignment and have taken high-quality art equipment with them to work with the children in painting.
20 to 30 children daily have the opportunity to express their feelings through their paintings. It may be freely painted without the criticism of adults and without thematic interference. The great strength of the mobile painting room: Feelings, thoughts and moods can be expressed without words and thus mostly directly and are captured and made visible in the pictures.
The children gladly accept the offer and are very enthusiastic about it. And we are happy to be able to give them back a little joy, stability and self-confidence.

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