We are here: Lebanon has us again!

Although we only arrived in Lebanon a few days ago, we feel like we have been here for a long time. Firstly because so much has already happened and secondly because the people we work with on site are already so familiar to us.
The reunion with Batoul, the head teacher of our school in the Shatila refugee ghetto, was very warm. She asked us to get urgently needed school materials: We used part of the donations to buy large quantities of notebooks, pens, drawing pads, printer paper, sharpeners, erasers, etc.
We then brought the utensils to the school ourselves and proudly admired the school building we had rented: It is located in the Palestinian refugee camp Shatila in Beirut, which with its 20-30,000 inhabitants is actually a district of its own. The classrooms are bright and equipped with suitable blackboards and chairs. We also got to know the two new teachers, Shaymaa and Hiba, who are already very motivated to teach.
Clown Anita thrilled the children in the streets with her shows and we laughed a lot together. The people there live in such unimaginable poverty and it is a good feeling when you can do so much good with relatively little money. And no matter where we are, the gratitude is enormous and we always receive a warm welcome.
You make all of this possible through your donations: THANK YOU FOR YOUR HUMANITY – let’s continue to help together!

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