Expansion of our school project in Beirut

During our last mission in Lebanon we met Shatila in the refugee ghetto in the middle of Beirut. Around 30,000 Palestinian refugees live in this ghetto (and also some Syrians), some of whom have been “second-class people” for decades. You can picture the neighborhood like this: crumbling buildings framed by endless “tangles of power cords” interspersed with piles of rubbish for children to play on. Power outages are the order of the day. A lack of education and prospects are omnipresent.


That’s why we were particularly impressed by the young teacher Batoul: Despite the adverse conditions on site, she manages to teach more than 200 children between the ages of 6 and 14 with great dedication. In autumn we were able to rent an adequate school building for Batoul and her students and set up the classrooms accordingly.


During our relief effort in May, we want to push our school project further: Two new teachers are to be hired and we are looking for a cook who will prepare a hot meal for the students once a day. At the same time, we are creating three new jobs and thus real perspectives for refugees in need.


Let’s work together to enable the children in Shatila to exercise their right to education – with your donation we can make a difference and give young people confidence and prospects!

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