Appeal for donations for orphans in Lebanon

At the beginning of May, another aid team from the Caravan of Humanity travels to Lebanon. Thousands of orphans who were driven out of their home country Syria live there under inhumane conditions. These children can only dream of regular schooling and daily warm meals…

Our team is helping on site with the distribution of urgently needed relief supplies and with the further expansion of our initiated school project in the middle of a huge refugee ghetto. In addition, clowns will again bring joie de vivre into the dreary everyday life of the children in the camps.

We usually arrive in an articulated lorry with tons of donated supplies. But this time it is no longer possible for us to finance such a truck. Due to the general price increase and the increased fuel costs, the transport of the relief supplies would cost almost EUR 10,000! With all this money, we can now buy relief supplies locally and distribute them to the people in need. We consider this variant to be more sensible.

➡️ That’s why we urgently ask you for monetary donations: The refugees in Lebanon need our help now! Unfortunately, the situation of the people has worsened considerably, because due to the Ukraine war and the associated increase in grain prices, a major famine is to be expected in Lebanon.

Our donation account
Caravan of Humanity, Raiffeisenbank Güssing
IBAN: AT14 3302 7000 0002 3408

Direct online donations are possible via our donation form .

THANK YOU for your support – let’s set a sign of humanity together!

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