Video: Distribution of the “Winter Emergency Packages” for refugees in Lebanon

In addition to our support for the aid project of our project partner SOS Bihac in the Ukraine, we don’t want to forget the many other refugees in the numerous crisis regions of the world.
In Lebanon it is still very cold in the mountains, just recently there was another snowstorm and temperatures below zero. Therefore, we again financed heating material and food packages for the needy people in the refugee camps in the amount of 12,318 €.
The video shows the distribution of relief supplies to the needy people in the refugee camps.
Unfortunately, the situation of the people has deteriorated considerably overall, because due to the war in Ukraine and the associated increase in grain prices, a coming famine is expected in Lebanon.
Thanks to our donation, hundreds of refugees can now at least get through the (hopefully) last month of winter. Nevertheless, the people are still dependent on our help, let’s not forget them and let’s continue to set a common sign of humanity!

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