The magic of soap bubbles and their effects

In addition to the caravan of clowns, the famous Dr. Bubbles part of the 9-person relief team in Lebanon. He not only makes “ordinary soap bubbles” – no, Aramis Gehberger alias Dr. Bubbles makes a magical spectacle out of soap bubbles that simply enchants everyone – whether big or small. Immediately the thoughts land in the here and now and the sad everyday life of the orphans is forgotten. Dr. Bubbles himself says about the effect of his shows: “When you see or make large soap bubbles, the ‘inner child’ is awakened and you can enjoy every moment!”
It is a great pleasure and honor for us to have Aramis with us as part of the caravan. We thank him for his commitment and his “fragile bubbles”, which give the children joy, lightness and the belief in miracles in no time at all.

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