Our sorting station in Güssing is running at full speed

The last donations in kind were received by Wednesday, September 29th, 21st. As of today, Güssing will only sort and bundle them so that the local people can find the aid they need as quickly as possible. Many voluntary helpers lend a hand – meanwhile we are really quick in assessing sizes, sorting toys and labeling banana boxes.
Several tons of donations in kind will come to Güssing from the other collection points in Austria in the next few days: We would like to thank all the collection points from the bottom of our hearts for the great support and all donors for the many relief goods! Together we set a sign of humanity!
Even if donations in kind are no longer accepted: Donations of money are still urgently needed in order to obtain food and other important relief goods on site. Every contribution helps the orphans in Lebanon. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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