Our “funny heroes” on site

“The shortest path between two people is a smile.” That goes a Chinese proverb and we can sign it right away. Thanks to the caravan of clowns, we find a very special, warm approach to the orphans.

Our “original clown” Markus Meznik, who also accompanied us to Turkey, had the fantastic idea of inviting the clowns without borders to our Lebanon project. So it came to a cooperation between the caravan of humanity and the clowns without borders. Both clubs have a very similar philosophy, so the cooperation was quickly sealed and always characterized by good humor, high professionalism and collegiality.

We are happy that such great people are part of the caravan and thank Anita alias Olga, Heiko and Stefan (co-founders of Clowns Without Borders Germany) alias Pepe & Popo, Elke alias Plombine. And of course thanks to “Original Clown” Schlaubi (Markus Meznik), who opens every show.

Together the clowns entertain the orphans, sing and dance with them and make them forget their difficult everyday lives. Then hundreds of children’s faces are patiently painted with devotion. THANK YOU for this excellent work in Lebanon!

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