Over 2,500 children live in the Kara Tepe camp. They have to sleep in unheated tents, often on hard ground. Usually two families live in one tent. Each family has about eight square meters available.
But life defies these adverse conditions: only last week there were 10 births again. New, little people who have to start their lives in the refugee camp – with a bad prospect of being able to leave the camp anytime soon. With inadequate hygienic and medical care. Without the right to a good education. The future of these children is being stolen here.
All of this is a shame for Europe! Nevertheless, we can help and, in contrast to politics, set a sign of humanity: With your donations, we bought prams, thousands of diapers and high-quality school materials, for example, and we also helped to build a makeshift classroom. Together with the NGO “Home for All” we bought and distributed food.

If as many people as possible make a small contribution (maybe 10, 20 or 50 euros), great things can be achieved and the plight of the children and families on site can be alleviated.


Together we help people who have fled in need.
And together we can set a sign of humanity.

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