Acute supply crisis in Cuba as cause of flight

During their project stay, the Karawanis Bruno and Pascal were able to experience the acute supply crisis in Cuba first-hand: The price of gasoline quintupled overnight (!).

Converted to Austria and Germany, this would mean that a full tank would suddenly cost an incredible EUR 500. The consequences would be fatal: for example, no one would be able to afford deliveries to supermarkets or other important transportation. The daily commute to work would simply be too expensive. Everything would come to a standstill. But that is exactly the current situation in Cuba!

There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is the massive economic sanctions imposed by the USA on Cuba, in which European countries are also involved. These sanctions are currently being massively tightened because the USA is trying to isolate Cuba economically and bring it to its knees. Because in the long term, no country in the world can exist on its own, i.e. without economic relations.

The living situation of Cubans was ultimately completely shaken by the coronavirus crisis, as tourism on the island also collapsed. Thanks to this mainstay, countless Cubans were previously able to afford an independent life – despite the US sanctions.

The supply of food is also currently a problem in Cuba. At first glance, most Cubans appear well-fed. However, if you talk to local doctors, it turns out that the people suffer from a notoriously one-sided malnutrition. The main foodstuffs in Cuba are rice and beans, as well as white bread and sugar. Lettuce, fruit and vegetables would thrive in Cuba, but would have to be irrigated with pumps, which in turn fails due to the fuel shortage. As a result, nutritious and healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables are very expensive and difficult for locals to afford.

After a relatively short time, Pascal and Bruno were already aware of what the Cuban population is currently suffering most from: On the one hand, it is the lack of material things. Many everyday products are only available at completely inflated prices, if at all.

On the other hand, and probably to a greater extent, the population is struggling with the lack of prospects. For the younger generation in particular, it seems impossible to plan a future on their island. For them, escape is the only way out of their hopeless situation. Although everyone loves their island, its culture and its Caribbean lifestyle, it is difficult to find opportunities to live here with dignity and according to one’s own ideas.

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