Sewing machines from Burgenland for southern Italy

Supporting the flagship project “Casa Sankara” is one of our oldest projects: Back in December 2020, the two Karawanis Caso and Pascal traveled to the deep south of Italy to support people there who have freed themselves from the mafia structures of the region. We are in regular contact with the director Mbaye and have already been able to finance a minibus for the vegetable deliveries and also make other important financial contributions to the successful continuation of the project.

Caso on the project: “We are impressed by the incredible initiative of the people living there, who grow and market vegetables locally under fair conditions. All this in order to free themselves from the slave-like conditions and create their own perspectives.”
Last March, we received some interesting news: a company in Oberwart in southern Burgenland that sells old industrial sewing machines had to close. But a place still had to be found for the high-quality sewing machines. Otherwise they would have to be disposed of.

The Karawanis Caso and Ananda immediately agreed to rescue these professional sewing machines and thus help the Casa Sankara project at the same time. The eight sewing machines, one of which alone weighs 250 kg, had to be transported over 2,000 kilometers to the south of Italy.

In addition to growing and selling vegetables, Casa Sankara is currently building up a second mainstay, namely textile production. The joy over these eight sewing machines from Burgenland was correspondingly great.

Thanks to Mr. Guljyas in Oberwart for this extraordinary donation – this way his sewing machines live on and make sense every day!

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