Cycling for women – unfortunately not a matter of course!

Although there is a Kurdish autonomous government in the Syrian region of Rojava and women are therefore legally equal to men, the old role models still persistently shape society. Part of this is, for example, that it is “not appropriate” for women to ride a bike.

As a modern counter-movement to these dusty traditions, some women therefore founded a so-called “Women’s Bicycle Club”. This association has set itself the task of teaching girls and women how to cycle and practicing together. Small groups of women ride through the city so that women on bikes are part of the normal cityscape.

We learned about this empowerment project during our stay in Syria and decided to donate the donated women’s bicycles to this club. This has made the club very happy, because the demand for training is strong, but there are not enough bikes available. Thank you to all bike donors for supporting this important project in the long term!

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