Construction of a computer classroom in Iraq

Today we are telling you a very special success story: our two Karawanis Farah and Raschin have special skills in IT and software. The two have managed to pass on their knowledge to 13 participants from refugee camps in Iraq by running a computer learning room and training sessions!

Thanks to the donated laptops, Farah and Raschin were able to set up a computer learning room in Dohuk/Iraq and provide basic training for the participants. Three courses will be offered online in the future: English, MS Office Word and Excel and a design course. These courses are supervised online by students and volunteer tutors from Austria and Germany.

Our next goal is to set up computer labs in the refugee camps. The participants who have already been trained will pass on their knowledge and take care of the maintenance of the PCs on site – with the support of our IT experts Farah and Raschin in the background, of course.

After all, the people in the camps should also have permanent access to the Internet and receive digital training. Because this knowledge is essential for any future prospects.

Thanks to all the donors for the laptops and our two IT caravanis for making this project so successful!

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