Appeal for donations: Help for refugees in Serbia – help us!

The next caravan project is just around the corner and we can only realize it with your help: In December, we will be sending a truck full of relief supplies to the almost forgotten refugees in Subotica/Serbia, near the Hungarian border.

Hundreds of refugees live there under absolutely inhumane conditions. They hide in the woods, abandoned buildings or wait in tents and makeshift shelters, without access to running water or food, in all weathers. Again and again they look for their chance to cross the border into Hungary. The icy winter is approaching and people have neither a safe roof over their heads nor warm clothing or food. Many of the people suffer from frostbite, malnutrition and injuries.

New refugees from the south of Serbia arrive in the region every day. The new arrivals usually have no warm clothing or warm shoes and are often completely malnourished and dehydrated. Most of them are young men between the ages of 20 and 30.

Donations in kind and money are urgently needed, which are handed over locally in cooperation with our partner NGO “Collective Aid”. We have already helped refugees in Calais/France with this NGO and know how good, serious and committed Collective Aid is to helping people in need on the ground.

If as many people as possible make a small contribution, great things can be achieved and need can be alleviated. Let’s set a sign of humanity together!

(IMPORTANT: ONLY for men! Please only hand in donations in kind that are clean, new or in good condition).

  • Jackets (thin, thick, waterproof)

  • Sweaters (especially in sizes S and M)

  • T-shirts & longsleeves (especially in sizes S and M)

  • Skinny jeans, jogging pants (especially in sizes 28-32)

  • Sturdy, warm shoes or sneakers (size 42 – 46+)

  • new underwear (underpants, boxer shirts, undershirts)

  • Thermal underwear

  • Socks

  • Winter gloves

  • Hoods, scarves

  • Belt

  • Rainwear, ponchos

  • Backpacks (size 20-30l)

  • Tents and tarpaulins

  • Sleeping bags

  • Blankets and pads

  • Sleeping mats


  • Donations in kind can be handed in at the collection points until 24.11.23 at the latest (please note individual opening hours!).

  • Deliver in-kind donations in banana boxes , if possible. (We are also happy about every single empty banana box, the boxes are urgently needed for safe transportation to Serbia).

  • Please only donate the relief supplies listed here, our storage capacities are very limited! If you have any questions, simply ask the respective collection point – thank you!

  • Please only donate items that are clean, in good condition and usable.



  • Karin & Pascal Steinmaurer-Violo ,
    St. Nikolaus 64, 7540 Güssing
    Please call Karin before handing in at 0680/1283458!

  • Diakonie Forum Oberwart
    Wienerstr. 1, 7400 Oberwart
    Hand in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Maria Abel-Roetzer
    Oberer Anger 13, 7434 Redlschlag
    Please call Maria at 0650/71 47 478 before dropping off.

  • Peter Heisz
    Bachgasse 2, 7312 Horitschon
    Before delivery please call Peter at 0664/82 31 327!

  • Silvia Weiler
    Neuriedgasse 3, 7000 Eisenstadt
    Please call Silvia in advance on 0664/46 60 150!
  • Waltraud Tomasich
    Haydngasse 1, 2421 Kittsee
    Before delivery please call Waltraud at 0699/19 68 73 26!

  • Verein Zukunft Sonnengarten
    Thalheimstr. 12, 7425 Schreibersdorf near Pinkafeld (for navigation: 7425 Schreibersdorf 43)
    Please contact Alex by SMS on 0677/61 58 70 25 before handing in!

  • gabarage
    Obere Hauptstraße 47-49, 7100 Neusiedl am See
    Opening hours: Mon: 8:00-14:00, Tue & Wed: 8:00-15:00, Thu & Fri: 8:00-17:00


  • Worldwide hiking works!
    Gaswerkstr. 99, 8020 Graz
    Delivery possible Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2.30 pm.
    It is NOT necessary to call in advance, but please make sure to stick to the specified times!

  • Usen cleaning shop
    Grazer Str. 35, 8071 Hausmannstätten
    Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Former Carpentry Pongratz
    Florianerstraße 6, 8522 Groß Sankt Florian
    Before handing in, please be sure to ask Mr. Call Pongratz at 0650 5774030!

  • Cambium
    Kasernenstraße 2 6, 8350 Fehring
    Please call Christian on 0650/80 200 22 before handing them in!


  • Künstlergasse 14, 1150 Vienna
    Please contact Oriana beforehand by SMS on 0650/63 62 515!
  • Herminengasse 13, magazine on the right, 1020 Vienna
    Please call Pablo at 0650/25 44 436 before handing in!


  • Co-Housing Project Pomali
    Landersdorf 108, 3124 Oberwölbling
    (Via the main entrance through the foyer 15m straight ahead, then down the stairs!)
    Submission is only possible by telephone on 0664/499 13 30 (Petra) or 0660/422 44 27 (Sebastian).

  • Foodcoop Krems
    Pfarrplatz 5, 3500 Krems
    Friday, 10. and 17.11.: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    otherwise by telephone appointment on 0664/51 266 48 (Madlene Hochleitner)

  • Speichberggasse 84/12, 3002 Purkersdorf
    Please text Nora at 0699/81 237 003 before submitting!


  • Collection points of the “together points” in Klagenfurt, Villach, Spittal ad D., St. Veit, Ferlach, Völkermarkt, St. Jakob and Viktring
    Addresses & opening hours:


Every donation helps to alleviate the misery of these people. The money donated enables us to buy urgently needed clothing, medicines and food locally. These are distributed locally to the refugees in cooperation with the partner organization “Collective Aid”. With your donation, you are providing targeted help. Thank you very much for that!

Donate here via our online donation form.


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