Place of hope: the maternity ward in Mile

Once upon a time, the Afar region was at the top of the world. Unfortunately, in a negative sense: it was one of the regions with the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. A sad record… Maalika, co-founder of our partner organization APDA and a trained nurse, could not let this problem go: in 2011, one of APDA’s first major projects was born – the maternity clinic in Mile.

This clinic is so centrally located that more than half a million women from the region can get there within a two-hour drive. More than 8,000 women and girls have been treated at this clinic or have given birth here. This station has probably saved the lives of countless women and their unborn children.

APDA also operates an emergency ambulance – so women without their own transportation can be brought far from the bush to the clinic in four-wheel drive vehicles. In the past, this was only possible by walking for days or, unfortunately, often impossible…

This birth clinic alone has significantly reduced infant and maternal mortality in the region. In addition, APDA has trained several thousand obstetricians over the years to attend emergencies in remote villages.

Even when we visit the maternity ward, the place is bustling and the “waiting room” is full: we see women waiting to be examined as well as mothers happily holding their newborn in their arms.
In the following days, on our tours into the bush, we unfortunately also see massively malnourished babies, for whom only a quick infusion means last minute rescue. Fortunately, APDA, with its regional obstetricians, can often be in the right place at the right time here, too.

Even though there is still a lot wrong, what APDA has already been able to achieve here is enormous! As a human family, we Karawanis care deeply about the mothers, children and unborn of these people. Thanks to all who protect and support her!

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