Tackling the root causes of flight:
Our aid mission in Ethiopia

As many of you have noticed, there has been a lot going on at the Caravan in the last few months: lecture tours, project visits to Lebanon, and a large fundraiser followed by a relief mission in Kurdistan/Iraq have challenged our small team.

But in mid-February something else happened that only a few of you have heard about so far: The Karawanis Pascal, Bruno and Caso traveled to Ethiopia to support the pastoralist people of the Afar. It was a moving journey with lasting experiences that we will tell you about here in the coming weeks.

So far, we have been working with the caravan mainly on the edges of Europe to support people fleeing to the best of our abilities. So why Ethiopia now?

It has long been clear to us that our work for the Caravan mainly operates on the symptoms, but the causes of flight lie much further back, namely in the countries of origin of refugees. Ethiopia is such a country of origin, where people no longer want to or can live in their country of birth and thus flee from poverty, war, exploitation, famine or simply lack of prospects. In their hopeful search for security and a future, they embark on an often life-threatening journey – also called escape.

Only a few months before our arrival, a bloody civil war in the settlement area of the Afar ended here. A prolonged period of drought is doing its part to drive these people to the brink of their existence.

The fact that we were able to provide a small spark of hope again in cooperation with a local organization and also real material help – we will tell about it here in the next time. We are happy about your interest and feel the resulting bond as a human family almost every day! Thanks for this!

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