Video: Project visit of our school in Lebanon

In the middle of the huge refugee ghetto “Shatila” is the school OXYGEN. In April 2023, we visited our education project to discuss current concerns and make future plans together with the teachers. This also resulted in a short video.

The school is located in the huge refugee ghetto in the capital Beirut. These large refugee camps are more like their own neighborhood with their multi-story houses, built close together and separated only by narrow connecting alleys. These neighborhoods have the highest population density in the world at 40,000 people per square kilometer! Many of the residents were already born there; in addition to Palestinians, about 50% of Syrian refugees also live here.

We surprised the students with our clown Anita and the soap bubble artist Dr. Bubbles – the joy on both sides was enormous!

Thanks to our godmothers and godfathers we can finance the rents, salaries and school equipment and thus give the children prospects for the future.THANK YOU for that!

More information about our sponsorships can be found here.

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