At home under a tarp

There are over 2 million refugees in Kurdistan. Most of them are internally displaced persons who had to leave their villages due to war and radical Islamic terrorist groups. Many of them are Yazidis, but also thousands of Syrians have sought refuge in Kurdistan and now live in huge refugee camps.

On average, between 30,000 and 50,000 people live in a refugee camp, most of whom have been there for a few years. Their dwellings are simple, made of poles and tarpaulins or containers. Most often it is around 10 m2 for a family: on the floor carpets and a few mattresses, a shelf on the wall, a few pictures that remind of a better past. The “kitchen” is in a covered space between two tents, several families share this space, equipped with a few pots and a stove top.

During our aid project in this region we visited some of these camps. Compared to the refugee camps we have seen in other countries, we notice that they are relatively clean and organized here in Kurdistan. There is a camp administration and garbage system, sometimes even a school. The background is probably that these camps are organized by Kurds for Kurds.

While many IDPs would like to return to their home villages, these are often completely destroyed and there is no livelihood left for these people: no work and limited access to basic supplies….

We wish for peace all over the world! And we also wish these warm-hearted people in Kurdistan that one day they will finally be able to find peace and live in peace, as well as self-determined.

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