Our mobile painting room: space for “colorful” thoughts

Fortunately, the “mobile painting room” of the Pfullendorf Art School from Allgäu accompanies us again in this aid project and brings fun, color and light into the lives of the children in Kurdistan.

Free from any constraints, far away from worries and sadness, the children are allowed to express themselves creatively in the mobile painting room. In contrast to the clown and bubble shows, where things are loud and fun, the mobile room is a place of calm and “introspection”. It may be freely painted without the criticism of adults and without thematic interference. The great strength of the mobile painting room: feelings, thoughts and moods can be expressed without words and thus usually more directly and are captured and made visible in pictures.

The children in the orphanages or refugee camps have virtually no place to retreat and often no opportunity to paint at all, because there is no material available on site. Sad but true: What is a matter of course for our children in Austria and Germany is a welcome change from everyday life for the orphans in Kurdistan…

In the last few days, a total of 10 mobile painting rooms took place – more than 1,500 children of all ages had the opportunity to bring color into their lives.

Caravan helper Thomas remembers one 10-year-old girl in particular: “The girl has completely forgotten about the painting room. She started with abstract geometry and increased into quite concrete painting. In the process, she stayed with us for several hours and certainly painted about 20 pictures. Deeply focused and full of enthusiasm, she brought the colorful brushstrokes not only to paper, but also to her life.”

Thanks to our great painting team – Anja, Ivana, Till and Thomas – for the organization and support of the mobile painting room, which is a very, very great enrichment for our aid projects!

More information about the Pfullendorf Art School can be found here.

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