Appeal for donations: Help for orphans in Iraq – help us!

We are planning a relief mission in the north of Iraq to support the people in the Kurdistan Region with donations in kind and money. In addition, clowns and the “mobile painting room” will accompany us again and will certainly not only make children’s eyes light up…

Years of war have taken their toll on Iraq and its people. Thousands of girls and boys are still suffering massively from the war and its consequences: Many of them had to leave their homes, are ill or traumatized. They all face great hopelessness. So many things are lacking – clothing, educational opportunities, medical care, toys, and quite often, a zest for life. But to be able to help, we urgently need your support!

We would like to support the children in Iraq financially as well as with relief supplies and with joy of life! Girls in particular are the focus of our new aid project in the north of the country. Unfortunately, it is a characteristic of this region that girls and young women in particular are severely traumatized by the conflicts of recent years… One of our goals on the ground is to bring hours of joy and lightheartedness to a country marked by destruction. The children should also be allowed to “be a kid” for once and enjoy bubbles and clown interludes. Through our “Mobile Painting Room” people have the opportunity to express their feelings in peace and quiet.

Monetary donations help alleviate the plight of these children in a very targeted way. We use these in cooperation with our local partner organization “Jinda” for urgent purchases of food, medicine and school materials. We also use it to finance vocational training for girls, so that the young women can take their lives into their own hands for the first time through education.

If as many people as possible make a small contribution, together we can achieve great things and give the people of Iraq prospects for the future. Let’s set a sign of humanity together!


If you would still like to support our work in Iraq, we would appreciate every single monetary donation!


Every donation helps to alleviate the plight of these people and especially the many suffering children in Iraq. The donations in kind and money are distributed by our relief team in cooperation with the partner organization “Jinda” on site or used for urgent purchases (food, medicine, etc.).

Donate here via our online donation form.


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