Aid for earthquake victims in Turkey & Syria

Several major earthquakes have shaken Syria and Turkey. The number of victims is increasing by the hour, countless people are still buried under the rubble. In Syria, people search for buried victims with their bare hands; the suffering cannot be expressed in words.
Our cooperation partner
Team Gablitz helps – refugee assistance”.
has direct personal contact with the massively affected Camp Atama and now one thing is needed above all: Water and food. Therefore, we immediately decided to help with monetary donations to alleviate the need (especially for children). With the money could “
be opened again at short notice and so from now on hot food is cooked daily and distributed together with water on site.
🆘Who wants to help us help, our donation account:
Caravan of Humanity, Raiffeisenbank Güssing
IBAN: AT14 3302 7000 0002 3408
Subject: Support for earthquake victims
Let’s set a sign of humanity together! THANKS!

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