Donation transparency: Where exactly do donations go?

The transparent handling of your donations is enormously important to us! We work in a small team, all volunteers of course, and together we pursue the goal of a human family in a better world. Trust and transparency are among our core values. So every single cent donated benefits people in need!
In addition to our “main projects”, which we inform about here on an ongoing basis anyway, we also support a number of smaller initiatives and projects that we know personally. The detailed overview of our current projects as well as the support of selected, smaller initiatives can be found in our donation transparency at any time. Get an overview of where exactly your donations set a sign of humanity!
Here is the overview of the supported NGOs, associations and individuals:
13.1.2021: EUR 200,- for the NGO “Open Arms”, who as sea rescuers have saved thousands of lives in recent years.
22.2.2021: EUR 200,- for the carpentry training of the deported Nigerian Ajaber Benson Ijeoma
31.3.2021: EUR 100,- for the non-profit association “Weltweitwandern Wirkt” for the encounter trip of refugees in Austria.
31.3.2021: EUR 1.000,- for the NGO “Sea Eye” for the boat renovation of the Sea Eye No. 4. The NGO saved so far more than 15.000 refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
17.5.2021: EUR 500,- to the association “Menschen im Dialog” for orphans in Nepal
19.5.2021: EUR 1.036,- to the Indian association “CTRD” for urgently needed food during a serious supply crisis in the tribal villages of Tamil nadu.
1.12.2021: EUR 130,- for the photographer training of the refugee Afghan Mahmoud Alizada on Lesbos.
23.12.2021: EUR 1,000 to the association “Gablitz Kitchen”, which ensures the daily supply of 350 people in a refugee camp in northern Syria with hot meals.
28.12.2021: EUR 896,- for the association “Bhutan Network
31.12.2021: EUR 1.000,- for the NGO “Lesvos Solidarity”, which manages numerous flagship projects for refugees on Lesvos.
24.3.2022: EUR 1.050,- for the NGO “Collective Aid”, which has been providing very important help for refugees in Calais/France for years.
29.6.2022: EUR 1.010,- for the orphanage “Karim Home”, which has been providing very important help for refugee orphans in Gaziantep on the Turkish/Syrian border for years.
9.7.2022: EUR 1.000,- for the new mission of the NGO “Sea Eye”, to rescue refugees in distress at sea. The NGO has so far rescued more than 15,000 refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and support!

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