Help for Ukraine – help for refugees

“I don’t help refugees, I just help people,” says Zlatan Kovačević, our project partner from Bosnia. This guiding principle moved Zlatan and his NGO SOS Bihac to now also help the people in Ukraine.
He and his team have already brought several convoys of relief supplies directly to the war zone in the city of Lviv. The Tatar Cultural Center has expanded into a humanitarian aid organization and supports the refugees in Lviv with the approval of the Ukrainian government.
We have strong ties to Zlatan and know that every single euro he spends goes exclusively to people in need. Therefore, we will of course also support him in his new project, which has also been officially approved by the Ukrainian government.
In addition to this support, we do not forget the many people in need in other crisis regions! Their situation has once again deteriorated considerably as a result of the Ukraine war…
We will therefore continue to support and promote our projects in Lebanon, Bosnia, Greece and Turkey with great commitment and passion. Because “In the end we are one human family and there is only one.” (quote from GEA Waldviertler)


Together we help the needy, refugees on the border and the impoverished locals.
And together we can set a sign of humanity.

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