Our “angels” on the street

Today we introduce you to three people who play a very important role in our caravan, so that your donations actually reach the people in need:
1) Sonja, Erwin and Josef drive hundreds of kilometers to bring the more than 10 tons of donations that have been handed in at our collection points in the last few weeks to the sorting point in Güssing. They lift each box back and forth several times and are sure to lift several tons in total.
2) In the sorting center in Güssing, Karin and her many helpers carefully sort, label and pack the relief supplies.
3) From Güssing, Josef and Erwin bring these 100 crates in numerous trips with the trailer to Fehring, where we are allowed to temporarily store the donations in kind at the “Cambium”.
4) Daniel Trumpf, Christian Loy and many helpers support us in loading the truck with the prepared donations in kind so that it can finally set off for Bosnia on Tuesday to transport the relief supplies to the people in need.
Countless work steps are necessary before your donations in kind end up where they are urgently needed. And we can only achieve this masterpiece of teamwork thanks to the many, many people who are part of our caravan and simply act humanely. Thanks to you all!


Every donation helps to alleviate the misery of these people. The donations in kind and money are distributed on site in cooperation with the partner organization “SOS Bihac” or used for urgent purchases (food, medication).


Together we help the needy, refugees on the border and the impoverished locals.
And together we can set a sign of humanity.

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