“Christmas present” for Italy project Casa Sankara

In December 2020, a team from the caravan visited the flagship project “Casa Sankara” in southern Italy and helped on site. There, 500 refugees managed to free themselves from the clutches of the mafia with an incredible amount of commitment and set up their own agricultural project on almost 16 hectares. The project has been growing and prospering for 9 years now: the refugees harvest over 200 tons of tomatoes every year and process them further. There is also a cooperative with the few fair trade farmers in the area.

A year after our first visit, in December 2021, we received a Christmas wish from southern Italy, iBecause there was a logistical problem on site: a minibus was urgently needed to be able to take all employees to the fields in the morning. So far, Hervé, the head of the project, has done these trips in his small private car, often having to leave at three in the morning. After our appeal for donations, we were actually able to play Christ Child and give Hervé from Casa Sankara the necessary EUR 15,000 for the minibus. For us it was a real Christmas miracle that you all made come true together! Many thanks to all supporters for this!

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