Project Description

Help for thousands of people in need
in the Bosnian-Croatian border area

Unfortunately, the situation in Bosnia is still critical: Thousands of people are stranded near the town of Bihac on the border with Croatia while fleeing. Unfortunately, entry into Europe is not legally possible. Under the most adverse circumstances, they are forced to spend the night in the forest, in ruins and shacks, where they are directly exposed to the cold and wet and completely inadequately equipped.

The CARAVAN OF HUMANITY brought relief goods to the people in January 2021 and February 2022 and handed over the donations to the partner NGO “SOS Bihac”. Our on-site team helped the NGO, led by Zlatan Kovačević, with their important work: buying essential medicines and food, treating the injured, loading the vehicles for emergency transport, distributing relief supplies to people in need and also buying and transporting firewood for freezing Bosnian families.

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“I don’t help refugees, I just help people.”


Our relief efforts (Jan. 2021 and Feb. 2022)

Video message

Pascal Violo from the snow-covered forests around Bihac/Bosnia in January 2021

“Imagine you are on the run…,” Zlatan Kovačević from SOSbihac shows us the escape route in Bosnia (February 2022)