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Hope for people in the Kara Tepe camp

A total of around 15,000 refugees are currently living on the Greek islands, around half of them staying in the makeshift camp Kara Tepe on Lesbos. This camp was built after the fire in the Moria refugee camp in September 2020. The new camp is fenced with barbed wire and guarded. Over 2,500 children live in the Kara Tepe camp. They have to sleep in unheated tents, often on hard ground. Usually two families live in one tent. Each family has about eight square meters available.

The hygiene situation in the warehouse is also absolutely inadequate; there are far too few showers and toilets. Hundreds of people have to queue up in the camp every day to get water. Unfortunately, we had to recognize on site that a new “old Moria” is emerging step by step before our eyes. It is indeed a shame for Europe to deliberately wear down people and steal their lifetimes for political reasons.

But we can help! At least we can improve the situation on site a little with our donations and our willingness to help. We give hope and dignity to the people there. We listen and we realize that these people are full of hope for a new future.

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“Let’s set a sign of humanity together and help together – the children and families in Moria need our help!”


12 TONS OF DONATIONS / October-November 2020

In the 5 weeks until the departure on October 15th, 2020 we received an unbelievable 12,000 kg of donations in kind. These were sorted by numerous helpers in Güssing in an infinite number of hours and packed in more than 500 banana boxes. The relief supplies were then transported from Güssing to Villach. Another 500 banana boxes, which the association “Together” has collected, were already waiting there. All of this was transported to Lesbos with a 40-ton truck, as well as with 2 private minibuses and a sponsored minibus. The donations in kind (winter clothes, shoes, children’s toys, school materials, diapers, hygiene articles, …) were personally distributed to the people on site in October and November 2020 and in March 2021.
Home for all

The NGO “Home for all” made it possible for us to enter the camp and coordinate the distribution of the relief supplies. The founders of “Home for all”, Nikos and Katerina, are locals who have made it their life’s work to help the refugees on Lesbos. She and her team distribute more than 1,000 meals a day to sick people, prisoners, pregnant women and other people in need. In the past 5 years, the two of them have distributed 1 million meals and not taken a single day (!) Off.

Nikos & Katerina also run a housing project on Lesbos: They get as many families as possible out of the terrible conditions in the camp, pay them the rent for an apartment and look for jobs for them. The aim is to preserve the dignity of these people and to give them a stepping stone into their new life. That is lived humanity!

25 TONS OF DONATIONS / March 2020

A total of 25 tons of relief supplies were transported to Greece on the island of Lesbos with two trucks. We thank the Together Association from the bottom of our hearts! The wonderful team around Julia Petschnig and Angelika Tarmann has collected huge amounts of donations in kind for weeks and sorted them over countless hours. In addition, the association prepared the entire logistics with the transport companies Spedition Migolog GmbH and Globo Lighting and took over the transport costs. That is lived humanity!

The delivery included strollers, clothing, hygiene products and particularly noteworthy: 700 pairs of GEA Waldviertler shoes! Hopefully these shoes will be well worn by the people who have a hard time in the camp on Lesbos. We distributed everything personally to the many families, children and those in need on site.

Update summer 2021: 10 pallets of clothing (= 3,600 kg) for the NGO refugees4refugees


  • € 20,000 ” Home for All ” (Katerina and Nikos cook and distribute 1,000 meals a day)
  • € 30,157.45 “Doctors Without Borders”
  • € 1,500 “Stand by me Lesvos” (self-managed aid project by refugees)
  • € 2.000, – “Pikpa” (a project where unaccompanied minors find protection with a lot of love and humanity)
  • € 3.000, – “Team Humanity” (operate some important donation distribution points on Lesbos)
  • With € 19,612.23 we bought groceries on site, which we distributed together with the NGO “Home for all” directly to sick people, pregnant women and people in particular need who would otherwise not be adequately cared for. We also used it to buy hygiene items, diapers, masks, etc. to distribute on site.

  • We also supported a school project in the Kara Tepe camp. Some teachers are very motivated to teach children English, but unfortunately almost everything is missing. That’s why we bought children’s chairs, exercise books, pens and numerous school supplies.

  • Update 01/2022: EUR 10,000 to the NGO “Home for all” for food for the people in the Kara Tepe camp

Photos from the aid project on Lesbos

Video message

Pascal Violo from the Kara Tepe camp