Reinhold Messner donates EUR 5,000 to the Caravan of Humanity

When we learned during our aid project in October 2021 in a huge refugee camp in Lebanon that the weakest children have to freeze to death every year in particularly harsh winters, it tightened our throats and brought tears to our eyes.

To help families through the icy winter cold, since February 2022 we have been regularly funding heating material for those people who are particularly affected by the winter cold in the mountains of northern Lebanon.

The mountain legend Reinhold Messner and his wife Diane were so moved by the appalling living conditions in Lebanon that they decided to donate the incredible sum of € 5,000 to this “Winter Emergency Aid Lebanon” project!

With this generous donation, we have now been able to provide 218 families with heating material for two months and thus get them safely through the winter.

Together for one human family – THANK YOU to Mr. and Mrs. Messner for this lived solidarity!

Caravan founder Pascal Violo with mountain legend Reinhold Messner

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