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Many people have been working on the projects with great passion since the founding of the caravan in 2020. The idea of solidarity and of this one human family are for us a great and important drive for our daily actions. However, the time required for our dedicated volunteer work is very large.

In order to secure the existence of our projects in the long term, we now have sponsoring memberships. You can now become a member of the Caravan by supporting our association with a freely selectable monthly amount.

This will help us to cover the costs of the project trips (travel, accommodation, meals). At the same time, by becoming a supporting member, you become part of the Caravan and actively contribute to the existence of our association! And the most important thing: You help us to continue our unobstructed way of absolute donation transparency , so that the donations only benefit the projects themselves.

What do I have to do to become a sustaining member?

To become a Caravan member, please download our membership form (PDF, 730 kb), print it out, fill it in and return it to us (by mail or by post).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Tel.: +43 699/819 322 13 (Pascal Violo)

Become a supporting member now! (PDF download form)

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