Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world

At our current aid project in Kurdistan, the soap bubble artist Dr. Bubbles and four clowns were again present. They are all an important part of the team and very important for the encounters with the children. Because they are all true heart-openers and manage to enchant their young audience in no time.

This suddenly turns a clown show into a place of embracing, shared wonder and joyful music-making. For a short time, the children forget their heavy everyday life and can just be a child (the adults too, by the way).

It is very important to us to experience encounters at eye level with all people. Not to create this classic image of “I give – you must be grateful”, but rather to live commonality and solidarity.

THANK YOU to our five artists (Anita, Marina, Sonja, Markus and Aramis), who manage every day anew to spray this very special magic and thus give the children joy of life and precious memories!

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