Stopover in Lebanon

On our way to the Kurdish part of Iraq we made a stopover in Lebanon/Beirut. There we will visit our two school projects in the next few days, discuss current concerns and make plans for the future together with the teachers.
The schools are both located in different, huge refugee ghettos in the capital, Beirut. The large refugee camps are more like their own neighborhood with their multi-story houses, built close together and separated only by narrow connecting alleys. These neighborhoods have the highest population density in the world at 40,000 people per square kilometer! In addition to Palestinians, about 50% Syrian refugees also live here.
In the two schools “Oxygen” and “Together we can” a total of more than 400 children from 4-14 years are taught. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to finance rent, salaries and school equipment and thus give the children prospects for the future. Thanks for that!
More info on school sponsorships:
On the weekend, we will then travel on to Iraq to specifically support children there and enable girls to receive their right to education. If you would like to support us, you are welcome to do so with a financial donation. Here you can donate online or simply through our donation account :

Caravan of Humanity, Raiffeisenbank Güssing
IBAN: AT14 3302 7000 0002, BIC: RLBBAT2E027

THANK YOU – together we set a sign of humanity!

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