Busy at our sorting office

Fortunately, many, many people have donated urgent relief supplies for the people of Iraq. Thank you very much for this!

But so that the donations in kind can be distributed sensibly and properly on site, good sorting is very important! Therefore, the clothes, toys, hygiene products, etc. are sorted by gender, type and size and then packed in banana boxes. The cartons, in turn, are layered on pallets and shrink-wrapped. At the end of next week the truck should come to transport these pallets of hope from Güssing to Iraq. But before that, there is still a lot of bureaucracy waiting for us…

As you can see, countless steps are necessary to ensure that the relief supplies reach the places where they are so urgently needed and give hope.
A big thank you to the many sorters who dedicate their free time to this good cause!

Only together we are the CARAVANS OF HUMANITY!

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